[Summit] Thanks to our awesome neighbors, and groundhog question

Bell, Elisabeth elisabeth_bell at brown.edu
Sat Jun 24 09:55:06 CDT 2017

Dear Sherry,

as cuddly and cute as the groundhog (Marmota monax) looks, I'm mad at him
for eating away almost all my Shasta daisies, my Montauk daisies and the
many sunflowers I had planted.  Even chicken wire cages around the plants
didn't help much.  He seems to get up on his hind legs and nibbles away
whatever he can reach.

In German, he is called "das Waldmurmeltier" - the wood marmot - and that's
where he should stay.

Neighbors on Chace Ave + Chace Drive are planning to put out a trap, catch
him and then transport him to the woods.

La lotta continua,
Ly, 22 Chace Drive

Elisabeth Ly BELL, PhD

On Fri, Jun 23, 2017 at 10:30 PM, Sharon Waldman <slwaldman at cox.net> wrote:

> Dear Awesome Neighbors,
> Thank you all so much for helping us and each other out on this list! We
> have an amazing neighborhood and this list-serve is such a great resource
> for all of us.
> Our latest question is regarding a very happy and robust groundhog that
> has been enjoying our garden lately. We hate to call anyone to have it
> destroyed, but are wondering if there are any other options available.
> Thanks, Again!
> Sherry
> Greaton Drive
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