[Summit] CORRECTION: Yard debris picked up on same day as trash every week until winter

David Kolsky davidjkolsky at yahoo.com
Fri May 5 23:36:19 CDT 2017

Thanks to an alert reader for drawing attention to my own confusion.

In an earlier forward of the Mayor's newsletter, I gave out an incorrect schedule for picking up yard débris. 

(The schedule is real but it's for overnight curb-to-curb street sweeping, which will require the removal of private vehicles and other obstacles from the roadway from 10:30 the previous night until 7 a.m.

( http://www.providenceri.com/DPW/highway/street-sweeping )

Leave yard débris out with your other trash and recyclables on your regular weekly pickup day, from now until next winter.


Sorry for misleading you in yet another demonstration of a truth I need to follow more closely: never post or e-mail while sleepy. (I was looking inattentively at a sheet explaining both programs that was handed out to neighborhood leaders at a meeting with the Mayor last month.)

Have a good weekend,


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