[Summit] Please don't get in or on the fountain

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Are the chemicals being used overly strong to combat the issues with Providence water following the relining of the water mains? 




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As we get a taste of summer, the Parks Department has asked SNA to relay their plea that folks do not stand on or get in the water at the Lippitt Park fountain. Reportedly dozens of people were in it yesterday, and ignored Parks staff who happened to be nearby and alerted them that it was unsafe. It is unsafe because the water is heavily chemically treated and the fountain is historic and may not be able to bear the weight of people without damage. 

The Parks Department plans to increase their signage in the area with some stern warnings for now, and will be calling the police if folks refuse to get out of the fountain going forward. They also mentioned the idea of setting up a temporary fence all the way around the fountain, which I think would be a shame because it most certainly would be a chain-link eyesore. 

Please, let's not misuse this public resource or tolerate others doing so.

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