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I'm guessing these are small ants... To get rid of little ants mix some
boric acid in peanut butter and put it on a lid near where they appear.  I
don't know what the proportions are.  I don't think the proportions are
important in this case.  Just use more peanut butter than boric acid.  It's
the peanut butter that attracts them.

If these are carpenter ants (about 1/3" -- 1/2" long), mix 1 part boric
acid with 9 parts of sugar.  In this case it's the sugar that attracts the

Boric acid is available at pharmacies.  It's over-the-counter but you might
have to ask for it.


On Sat, May 20, 2017 at 11:27 AM, Sheila Judkins <shejudkins at gmail.com>

> Can anyone recommend an exterminator or a method to get rid of ants? I'm
> not positive that these are carpenter ants but based on google images I
> think it might be- of course I'm guessing! Someone that doesn't use
> chemicals is preferred.  Image below - thanks neighbors!
> Sheila
> plz xcuse typos
> Sheila Judkins
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