[Summit] Renewing the Fountain…

Paul G Smith paul.slvrwngs at gmail.com
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So I finally walked down to the park and really looked at the fountain everyone is talking about. I'm afraid I don't see what is wrong with it as it is, except for the chemicals (there must be kid friendly options) and the warning signs, both of which I frankly think have no business being there. I actually think it is quite an acceptable design, functions quite well, and I don't see the necessity of spending money on fixing it. It certainly isn't falling down or badly deteriorating. Just put in water that won't damage either the kids or the structure, and leave it be.

There is a saying where I come from: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Just my two cents.

Paul G Smith

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Since the conversation for renewal begins…

I second the motion for a family-friendly/playful fountain. 

There’s no need to preserve or invest in a fountain that is full of rules and low on beauty and limp on water…

Perhaps a RISD architecture class project for inspiring ideas on what to do…

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