[Summit] Friends of Rochambeau Library annual meeting 6 p.m. next Monday 5 June

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Tue May 30 19:49:34 CDT 2017

Friends ofRochambeau LibraryAnnual MeetingMonday, June 56 pm - 7:30 pm (Please note the earlier starttime)Community Room   Program begins with our guestspeaker WENDY NILSSON.
Wendy Nilsson, Superintendent of the Providence Department of Parks,will be the featured speaker at the Friends of Rochambeau Library AnnualMeeting. She will discuss her vision of Providence Parks, provide an overviewof Providence Parks, and highlight how the City is improving ourparks through community engagement and programing. She will also talkabout specific park projects at Prospect Park, BlackstoneWoods, Summit Avenue Park, Gladys Potter Park, Morris Avenue TotLot, IndiaPoint Park and Roger Williams Park. Come join us for an update about yourfavorite park and learn about our extensive and diverse park system. For the pastdecade, Wendy Nilsson’s passion has been the development of Providence’s greenspaces into a network of vibrant and unique parks.  In 2006, Nilssonfounded the Friends of Brown Street Park, which has been cited as a nationalexample of sustainable and innovative urban park revitalization.  Sixyears later she established and became founding Director of thePartnership for Providence Parks, a non-profit that brings community, businessand city resources together to improve Providence’s park system.  As theSuperintendent of the Providence Department of Parks + Recreation, she sees hermission as redefining the ways parks are used, not only through the amenitiesoffered and creative use of resources, but also through the way that residentsand community partners are brought together to create parks’ programming andactivities that engage and inspire. Nilsson has a Masters Degree inAdministration and Policy from Boston University. Agenda:  1) 6 pm Guest Speaker:  Wendy Nilsson2) 7 pm Business Meeting:  Sharon Hendriksen, President Friends ofRochambeau3) Presentation of board roster/ vote4) Present budget FY 2017-18 –Discussion Vote5) New Business      
Friends of Rochambeau Board Slate2017-18  
|  Name  |  Position  |
|  Sharon Hendriksen  |  President(O)  |
|  Trina Vithayathil  |  Vice President(O)  |
|  Rachel Lewin  |  Corresponding Secretary(O)   |
|  Monica Schaberg  |  Treasurer(O)  |
|  Greg Waksmulski  |  Recording Sec’y(O)  |
|  **Margaret Gardner  |  Continuing   |
|  Ruth Breindel  |  Continuing   |
|  Cedric de Leon  |  Continuing   |
|  Zophia Edwards  |  Continuing   |
|  Mary Greene  |  Continuing   |
|  Michael Marcus  |  Continuing   |
|  *Beatrice Pulliam  |  Continuing   |
|  Page Stites  |  Nominated  |
|  Nathan Watchous  |  Nominated  |
|  *Judanne Hamidzada  |  Branch Manager, Rochambeau Library  |

 O= Officer/Exec. Comm.     *ex-officio      **Friends’ Representative to Prov Comm Lib Boardappointed for remaining year of vacated term  
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