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Could not agree with you more Ethan!  

Please come out to voice your opinions.  We need everyone.



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> On Apr 22, 2018, at 2:09 PM, Ethan Gyles <ethangy at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi neighbors,
> There is a City Plan Commission hearing coming up on 4/25 at 4:45pm at the Public Safety Complex regarding a developer’s proposal for a luxury condo tower on the former I-195 land downtown. The developer is proposing a maximum allowable height zoning change for the parcel from 100’ to 600’ (a new height category that would be the largest in the city, allowing construction on that isolated parcel that would be much taller than the existing skyline). The parcel is on Dyer Street near the Brown Medical School and would be right on the new green space and pedestrian bridge. This also needs City Council approval which will occur later. The CPC can only provide a “recommendation.” The public can attend the CPC meeting to testify and, later, the Council proceedings. Additional CPC detail can be found here: http://www.gcpvd.org/2018/04/19/city-plan-commission-meeting-fane-tower-rezoning-april-25-2018/ <http://www.gcpvd.org/2018/04/19/city-plan-commission-meeting-fane-tower-rezoning-april-25-2018/>
> (My personal view: certainly, many construction jobs would be involved, which is good, but I have concerns about this setting a spot zoning precedent that could be applied by future developers in all our neighborhoods, which is why I bring it up here. I believe spot zoning should off limits in most instances, particularly for someone proposing luxury condos. Additionally, many folks have worked hard to ensure the green space and pedestrian bridge get built, and I also have concerns that a large high-rise right adjacent to them will diminish their public value and turn them into private luxury condo “backyard” space.)
> Best,
> Ethan Gyles
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