[Summit] The Bald Eagle

Gayle Gifford gayle at ceffect.com
Mon Apr 30 14:57:24 CDT 2018

Judy, We do have our share of bald eagles in Rhode Island and throughout New England now.   You won't have to travel to Alaska to see them.

Greg, it's always been a delight to catch them in Swan Point over the Seekonk. This is  a lot of fun.
We watched four osprey over the Target in Swansea on Saturday. And of course, lots of spots to see them in RI. Including Providence. 


For anyone interested in RI Wild Birds, there is beautiful photography on the Facebook Group RI Wild Bird Photography. You do have to request to join, however. Included in the absolutely gorgeous photography, there have been some wonderful birds photographed in RI, including the long tailed duck this winter,  blue grosbeak, the scarlett and summer tanagers, lots of warblers, hummingbird, backyard friends and lots of raptors.  

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