[Summit] The Toads are calling come see them tonite

Greg Gerritt gerritt at mindspring.com
Thu May 3 05:18:34 CDT 2018

It has been a hectic week.  Monday I talked to DEM and they said I needed to
do a further modification tot he rainwater pool to meet the condeitions of
the permit.  I asked if I could wait until after Toad breeding season, but
they siad do it now.  So Tuesday I did, and Wednesday, right on scheduloe,
the Fowler¹s Toads showed up in force.  This is just a quick snippet of the
breeding chorus.  

If you would like to experience this in person, I will be at the gate of the
North Burial Ground across from the armory (the marble steps gate) at 8 PM
and will lead a walk unless there is a thunderstorm.  Rain is no problem.
Everyone is welcome to join me. The chorus starts about 8:20, but we may
stop to see bats along the way to the rainwater pool.  Greg


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