[Summit] Mail

Sheila Judkins shejudkins at gmail.com
Sun May 6 11:08:27 CDT 2018

Hi neighbors,
We have had a number of packages delivered to someone else this year.  I have spoken with the post office several times and as they have been recorded as being delivered to my house there is nothing we can do.  It’s not a “porch pirate” as we have other mail and packages the same day and it’s usually smaller packages that have gone missing.  I am getting neighbors mail in my mailbox weekly and this point and always walk it over and leave it even if it seems like junk mail.  I am kindly requesting if you are receiving packages for the Judkins Family if you could please drop them on our step or pop into our mailbox or email me and I will pick them up.
Thank you,
Sheila & Dan Judkins
40 Colonial Road

plz xcuse typos
Sheila Judkins

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