[Summit] Trinity Solar: Input?

Paul Wilde zenyente at gmail.com
Tue May 15 14:55:41 CDT 2018

Hey all,

Yesterday I was approached by a very nice person from Trinity Solar.

They claim to be installing panels through a state mandate requiring
our local grid to be 20% solar by 2020.

Are they on the up and up?  What do you know about them please?

They say they are working through the RI DOE, that is overseeing this
implementation, and there is no charge for the panels (per se?) to the
consumer, that they get paid for by a solar charge for the first seven
years (approx. equivalent to one's present electric bill), then after
that you own the panels free and clear and don't have a fee for
electricity consumed.

Input greatly appreciated.  Any hidden catches one can think of?


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