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Dear Neighbors

I gather that Mayor Elorza has the authority to veto the City Council’s approval regarding the Fane Tower.   If you would be interested in encouraging his veto, I understand that the best thing to do is write a letter to Mayor Elorza at  mayor at providenceri.com <mailto:mayor at providenceri.com>
Below are a couple of links about the tower and, also an excerpt from Sam Zurier’s nov 15 (?) news letter querying the integrity of the process that led to the reversal of the Ordinance Ctee’s original negative vote on the Fane tower project. 

Elizabeth Grossman, 130 8th Street.

https://www.wpri.com/news/local-news/providence/with-city-council-set-to-vote-mayor-elorza-still-undecided-on-hope-point-tower2_/1597545029 <https://www.wpri.com/news/local-news/providence/with-city-council-set-to-vote-mayor-elorza-still-undecided-on-hope-point-tower2_/1597545029>

https://architecturehereandthere.com/2018/05/16/fane-tower-rejected-by-cpc/ <https://architecturehereandthere.com/2018/05/16/fane-tower-rejected-by-cpc/>
and from Sam Zurier: 

The Hope Point Tower Project 

At its meeting this past Thursday, the City Council's Ordinance Committee voted to recommend approval of the Hope Point Tower project. Given the fact that the same committee previously had voted to recommend against approval, and that the recent supplemental public hearing provided no significant additional information, one can question the policy reason for some Committee members to switch their votes. For that matter, the decision to hold a second public hearing itself set a bad precedent, as it was held based on the developer's claim that he had not received an appropriate invitation to the first hearing. Prior to this one, developers always attended these hearings without a formal invitation, as they understood the need to demonstrate interest in receiving City Council approval for their application. By holding a second hearing for this particular project, the City Council effectively established a new procedure whereby all developers will have an incentive to stay away from the public hearing, learn what was said at it, and then request a second hearing if they are not pleased with the outcome of the first one. (At this point, even if the City Council invites the developer to the first hearing, we can anticipate new objections, such as the invitation did not provide sufficient notice, was not properly worded, etc.) More generally, from my review of the second hearing record (and Councilman Principe's cogently stated objections) there does not appear to be a clear reason for taking a comprehensive plan and zoning code that was developed over years, and throwing them aside for a single project. The City Council will review the proposed zoning change at its November 15 meeting.






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