[Summit] What's the best energy intermediary to go through?

Breslers breslerfamily at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 12:01:07 CST 2018

We had Think Energy and found them to be devious, and they carefully
arranged it so we paid MORE.
as follows...
With National Grid, regular electricity costs always change twice a year.
They go up every fall and down every summer.
(Counter intuitive to me- we have demand problems w electricity for AC use
in the SUMMER)
I admit I was unclear about which way rates went, but when I said rates
would go up in summer, to their salesman, he did not correct me.
He "just happened" to come to our door to sign us up during the winter,
when costs were high, for that fixed 7.5, which then seemed like a good
deal then.
It was guaranteed rate for 1 year and I could quit at any time. And that it
should start in about a month.  SOUNDED good.
However, it "oddly" took them about 3 or 4 months to get me actually
connected to that rate.
Then Surprise! The next month was the month the National Grid rates changed
for the summer and they went DOWN, so we were now paying MORE.
But hey- I realized I would make it up in the fall when rates changed
again, during the 12 month commitment.
So I didn't terminate.
By the Sept. we were required to move, and ended up less than I mile down
the road in Pawtucket.
But when I tried to transfer our account, I learned they don't let you take
contract with you if you move.
They offered us 16 cents. I said something not nice about their slimy
business practices.

Suggest everyone avoids Think Energy.

Mrs B

On Tue, Nov 20, 2018 at 3:21 PM Matt Duncan <s.matthew.duncan at gmail.com>

> Does anyone have any insight into what's the best private energy company
> to use around here? I'm pretty much baffled by the whole set-up. But,
> anyway, I signed up with Think Energy a while back for 7.5 cents/kwh fixed
> rate, but then evidently my contract terms expired without my knowing it
> and they've been charging me a variable rate up to 16.1 cents/kwh each
> month. Any advice would be much appreciated.
> Matt
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