[Summit] 1. How to handle a delicate situation? (James Barfoot)

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I'm a dog owner myself and agree accumulated dog pop is a nuisance and dog
owners need to be responsible. My guess is it depends what situation you're
describing. When you say "There are people who don't walk their dogs, but
just let them out into a fenced yard," is the "fenced yard" public
property, like a park; their own private yard; or a shared back yard (say,
if you live in a condo or apartment building)? If folks want to let dog
poop pile up in their back yard, and you're the neighbor, what is the issue
-- that it smells bad, or you just think it's gross? In either case, I
doubt there's much you can do about it. But public or shared space would be
different, and you could maybe talk to the neighbor and kindly ask to have
them change their habits. That's where I would start, before calling city

For what it's worth.


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>    1. How to handle a delicate situation? (James Barfoot)
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> On these cold winter days, I see dog owners braving the snow and slush,
> walking their dogs pretty regularly. This, I assume has the dual purpose of
> exercising dog and walker, and of letting dogs do their business as they
> naturally do, outdoors. I also see people stooping over with plastic bags
> collecting the droppings, in compliance with city regulations. Most people
> do this every time. Our neighborhood is generally very good about that.
> But there are exceptions. There are people who sometimes don?t pick up.
> There are people who don?t walk their dogs, but just let them out into a
> fenced yard, and let it accumulate for days, or even weeks at a time. If
> you had a neighbor who behaved this way, how would you handle it? First
> choice for most would be speak to the neighbor. Request cleanup more
> frequently, and do it politely.
> If that didn?t work, what then? The city ordinances say you can call
> animal control, and have an officer talk to the owner. If that doesn?t
> work, increasing fines for first, second, and subsequent notices could be
> levied. None of this will endear you to such a neighbor. How do you keep it
> from escalating? Ideas?
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