[Summit] Free workshop on end-of-life care

Ethan Gyles ethangy at gmail.com
Sun Feb 17 11:04:56 CST 2019

Hi neighbors,

A neighbor asked that I share this upcoming free workshop at the Rochambeau
Library on Thursday 2/21 from 7-8:30pm in the computer lab:

"I am conducting a free workshop for the community, in support The
Conversation Project (TCP), and am hoping that you may be able to share the
information with the SNA community. through your list serve and/or FB page.

TCP is a Boston-based non-profit dedicated to helping to ensure that
everyone's end-of-life care wishes are understood and respected. As I was
developing workshops for my consulting business, I stumbled upon this great
organization and felt compelled to support it throughout our community.

You can learn more about TCP through their website - The Conversation
Project <https://theconversationproject.org/> - and for ease of reference,
here's a summary of the discussion that I deliver:


   The Conversation (do I, and does my family know my wishes
   for end-of-life care?)


   Why Talking Matters (how important is it that we understand our
   end-of-life care wishes?)

   How to Start the Conversation (reviewing "The Conversation Starter Kit,"
   am I clear on my next steps?)

I realize that I am forwarding this with little time before the event but,
if time permits, would appreciate if you could share this. Honestly, I had
not thought of reaching out to you but,one of our SNA neighbors, who
attended my workshop in the Fall, just shot me a note suggesting that I
reach out.

Thanks for considering and please don't hesitate to reach out if any
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