[Summit] Fwd: Urgent: Immediate threat to East Side property taxes and home values

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Thank you Chris. I share the same question. "Unfair" or "undue" is often in the eyes of the beholder. People with more should pay more. That is what seems fair to me. Further, there needs to be a recognition that tax policy affects the capacity of many people to afford living in their homes (or rentals) or not, as prices and taxes begin to take their toll on those of considerably less means than those fortunate enough to be able to afford living on the east side.


That being said, any changes of significance to any policy should be openly discussed through a public process, with participation of as many interested citizens as possible. If this is being rammed through without adequate discussion (as is implied in this notice), then the process itself is not exactly open or fair. Unfortunately, we do see an awful lot of behind the scenes decisions and political power plays at both the local and state levels on all kinds of issues.


As to services, I am relatively sure that almost anywhere in the city, people would consider that services are far from adequate. To complain about them on the east side in particular seems somewhat insular to me.


Just my two cents.

- Paul

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"We already share a huge portion of the tax burden and get mediocre services in return"


So, I'll buy the mediocre services part, given that I've been asking for sidewalk repairs for six years and still haven't seen any ... but do we have any evidence that the east side bears proportionally more of the tax burden than anywhere else? I mean, I'm sure people in Blackstone pay more in total than a lot of other neighborhoods, because many of them own $1.5+ million homes, but simply paying more on larger and more extravagant properties is not really sharing a larger portion of the tax burden than those who pay less on smaller properties.


Are there data that suggest that the east side bears an undue tax burden in comparison to other parts of the city?






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In case you haven’t seen this.


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Resident alert regarding serious issue which could impact East Side property taxes and home values:

We have learned that Councilman John Igliozzi (Chair of the Finance Committee from Silver Lake) is working on a dramatic change to property taxes to slip into the budget at the list minute that will have a major impact on East Side property taxes.

You may have read that properties values in the recent revaluation increased more dramatically (by percentage) in places other than the East Side. As a result of the 4% overall property tax cap, property taxes are going up elsewhere in the city faster than the East Side this year.

In an attempt to cut taxes for their constituents and to stick it to the East Side, there is a move to go back to the old system of one rate and a homestead exemption. However, they are planning on phasing out the homestead exemption based on a houses value. While the details are still secret, this is how we hear it will work:

The current proposed owner-occupied rate is $15.35. Under this new plan, the rate would be something like $30.70, but owner occupants would get a 50% discount (aka homestead exemption). However, they are now proposing to make that exemption variable based on house value, so, for example, the exemption could work like this:

House Value                       Exemption

$0 – 250,000                       50%

$250,000 – 500,000         40%

$500,000 – 750,000         30%

750,000 – 1,000,000        20%

$1,000,000 +                      10%

The City law department is supposedly researching this but can’t say that it's illegal. The Mayor is apparently undecided on whether he supports the plan or not. Council President Sabina Matos is apparently going along with it.  Our East Side council people know. Helen Anthony and Seth Yurdin are opposed. Nirva LaFortune is said to be for it.

We need to activate the East Side immediately. The budget must be approved by July 1, but could be passed anytime.

We need all our neighbors to call the folks below and let their voices be heard. Enough is enough. We already share a huge portion of the tax burden and get mediocre services in return. Were this to pass we would see an immediate negative impact on our property values.

Mayor Elorza’s Office – 401-421-2489

City Council’s Office – 401-521-7477

Council President Sabina Matos (Olneyville, Silver Lake, Valley) – 401-400-1315

Councilman Seth Yurdin (Fox Point) – 401-484-7207

Councilwoman Helen Anthony (College Hill, Blackstone, Wayland) – does not publish her phone, but email is  <mailto:helen at helenanthony.com> helen at helenanthony.com

Councilwoman Nirva LaFortune (Blackstone, Summit, Mount Hope) – 401-680-0252



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Thank You,
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