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Thank you, David. I don't want to have the coyotes hurt.Sent from my Verizon 4G LTE smartphone

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        When I lived off Wayland Square (opposite the Humboldt firehouse), I saw at least one creature that looked like a coyote in the darkness several years ago,. It was a block or so ahead of me as I walked down Irving Avenue and it loped down Elton Street towards Butler (at the southern end of the Boulevard).Someone told me that there was a well-established den or colony of coyotes in Swan Point Cemetery (at the other end of the Boulevard).¶ If you keep a cat (or if a cat keeps you), this poses a big dilemma: do you allow it to follow its real nature and let it roam its established territory in your neighborhood, thus exposing it to a real threat from coyotes, or do you keep it indoors (and possibly frustrated or bored) ? I’ve heard that indoor cats that have always been kept indoors adapt well, while kittens allowed to come and go also do well outdoors, but that an indoor cat put outdoors or an outdoor cat kept inside doesn’t adapt very well or happily.And, of course, although this should not need repeating, don’t feed the coyotes or treat them as pets (the same applies to bears which no one has reported seeing on the East Side). Coyotes rarely bother human adults, because they’re naturally (and probably wisely) frightened of them. For their own safety, as well as that of you and yours, it’s best to let them keep that wariness.One of the reasons that two colonies of coyotes have been such an ineradicable problem on Aquidneck Island (Portsmouth, Middletown & Newport) is that, despite repeated warnings, a few misguided householders leave food out for them, ultimately endangering the pets and children of other residents, as well as the individual coyotes themselves.¶ I’m certainly no naturalist or animal behaviorist, so those who do know something about nature (especially on the EastSide) should feel free to correct or amplify my thoughts here.Have a good weekend and week,Dave
                    On Saturday, June 22, 2019, 9:19:33 PM EDT, Frank Shea <franktshea at gmail.com> wrote:
                > On Jun 22, 2019, at 7:50 PM, Greg Gerritt <gerritt at mindspring.com> wrote:> > Coyotes cover a lot of ground.  Takes a large area to feed a coyote family on squirrels, rabbits and mice.  I frequently see them in the daytime at the NBG,  greg> > On 6/22/19, 7:34 PM, "Summit on behalf of Gayle Gifford" <summit-bounces at sna.providence.ri.us on behalf of gayle at ceffect.com> wrote:> >    We saw two coyotes walking in Riverside Cemetery last Sunday. They were very curious about us but ultimately ran off. A friend who has walked a dog with another friend in that cemetery noted she was followed by coyotes.> >    They are along the river for sure... and have been for a while as last year we saw them down on the National Grid land off of Taft St in Pawtucket. > >    I don't think it is unusual to see coyotes out in the daytime.  https://urbancoyoteinitiative.com/10-fascinating-facts-about-urban-coyotes/ > >    Gayle Gifford> >    _______________________________________________>    Summit mailing list>    Summit at sna.providence.ri.us>    http://sna.providence.ri.us/mailman/listinfo/summit_sna.providence.ri.us>    SNA Website: http://sna.providence.ri.us/> > > > > _______________________________________________> Summit mailing list> Summit at sna.providence.ri.us> http://sna.providence.ri.us/mailman/listinfo/summit_sna.providence.ri.us> SNA Website: http://sna.providence.ri.us/_______________________________________________Summit mailing listSummit at sna.providence.ri.ushttp://sna.providence.ri.us/mailman/listinfo/summit_sna.providence.ri.usSNA Website: http://sna.providence.ri.us/
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