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Proposal for Hope Street (click for larger image)

Summit Neighborhood Traffic Plan

The SNA, working with Councilman Jackson and the City's Department of Planning and Development, awarded a professional services contract to BETA Group, Inc. to conduct a traffic study of Summit Neighborhood.

A complete description of the proposed study can be found in the Association's Request for Proposals.

This site also contains some background information on why we are having a study done, accounts of the first and second public meetings which were held last year (2001), and the complete final report.

Further developments:

SNA Recommends Phase One Implementation

After careful review of the Traffic Calming Plan, the SNA Traffic Study Subcommittee has sent its recommendation for a substantial but sensible first phase of implementation to both Councilman Jackson and the Department of Planning. Councilman Jackson (who also participated on the Subcommittee), has agreed to fund the work from unspent bond issue money.

DPD Issues Engineering & Design RFP

The Providence Department of Planning and Development issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for Engineering and Design Services for the Summit Neighborhood Traffic Calming Project, based on the SNA's recommendations and with the support and approval of Councilman Jackson.

Traffic Committee Selects Fuss & O'Neill

Choosing between two excellent proposals, the Traffic Calming Committee selected Fuss & O'Neill, Inc. to perform Engineering and Design Services for the project. The consultants will further develop and refine the ideas in the Traffic Calming Study to produce Contract Specifications for bidding and construction.
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