[Summit] #49 bus elimination; also RIPTA to Logan Airport

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Mon Aug 25 08:57:42 CDT 2014

If that is the bus that goes down Hope Street , it is not only too
infrequent, it is undependable. (It used to be somewhat close to the
schedule they gave out.) Maybe it is due to the highway & traffic, now
included in the route, but it is still a problem.
I live on Hope. Afternoons, I have seen people standing for up to 1/2 an
hour, or more, across from my house when I was gardening.
Some of them are people who have come from medical appointment's at the
On several occasions, in hot weather, I have given people bottles of water
because they looked unsteady on their feet. Or once when it was cold & wet
I gave an older man a cup of hot tea. He definitely needed it. That was
after the bus FINALLY came, and probably because it was in such a hurry to
make up time, it went roaring by him.  I've seen that several times.

My neighbor says she often has to give up and pay for a cab to get to work
on time.
Apparently there is also supposed to be some tracking app, but when the
buses are really late, it mysteriously doesn't track.

Mrs B

On Sun, Aug 24, 2014 at 10:40 PM, John Bazik <jbazik at gmail.com> wrote:

> > One other big change that RIPTA has made affects Summit in a positive
> way:
> > it is now possible to take the Route 1 (formerly 42) bus to South
> Attleboro,
> > from there to the train, then to the Silver Line, and finally to Logan
> > Airport. I tried this on the way home last week, and it was great --
> I agree in principle, but the practice leaves something to be desired.  In
> RIPTA's proposal for the new Route 1, they promised increasing the
> frequency of busses from every 20mins to every 15mins.  They did not - the
> bus runs every 20mins.  However, because of the new route, it is now even
> less likely to be on time than before.  And even if it was on time, the new
> map includes many fewer stops, so it becomes a puzzle of extrapolation to
> determine when the bus is supposed to be at any particular corner.  One
> could reasonably count on the 42 to arrive within a 10-minute window at any
> particular stop.  Now it runs according to no discernable schedule.  Which
> would not be so bad if it ran more frequently...
> What should have been a terrific improvement in bus service on Hope Street
> is, instead, much worse.
> John
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