[Summit] Overnight Parking

sara archambault saraarchambault at gmail.com
Tue Aug 26 13:07:51 CDT 2014

Just wanted to chime in on this issue. Not all neighborhoods in Providence
are like ours. I've lived in a lot of them. Particularly on the West and
South Side not every house - I'm speaking mostly of the multi-unit
buildings - have adequate parking for the inhabitants of the property. And
it's really hard to rent an additional space near your house. I agree that
in some cases the ban might make it easier to identify aberrant cars
sometimes. But it happens so infrequently compared to the bigger problem of
inadequate parking in many parts of the city for residents. I'm in favor of
overnight parking as a former resident of some of these other

Just a thought.

Sara Archambault
Programmer/THE DOCYARD
saraarchambault at gmail.com
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