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Tue Aug 26 15:59:59 CDT 2014

Thank you both for the thoughtful responses.

I suppose I'll have to read through the list archives some time for more 
historical background on this topic.


On 08/26/2014 01:33 PM, Dean W wrote:
> Hi Nate,
> I think Francisco did a great job of answering the question, and I 
> share his perspective.  I would also add that more cars on the street 
> overnight present more opportunities for cover when walking around at 
> night.  If a potential criminal is casing a house or pedestrian, and a 
> police officer or other on-looker happen by, parked cars present cover 
> to hide.
> I am sure I'll get responses to this saying that "we live in a city", 
> "don't be alarmist", etc.  I agree, and I am not actually concerned 
> that we have too much property theft or violent crime.  I am just 
> reducing the facts to a basic level: more cars = more cover.  This is 
> just one of the problems I personally see with the Overnight Parking 
> program, which again, was NOT passed by City Council, and is - in fact 
> - an "indefinite pilot program" (oxymoron) enacted by mayoral 
> executive order.
> My thoughts only.
> Dean
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>     Nate,
>     You are correct.  The parking ban would not deter crime during the
>     daylight hours or through the time that parking was allowed (up to
>     1 am?)  What I heard directly from a former police chief in
>     Providence is that as a patrol man if you see a car parked in
>     front of someone's house at late hours you can easily assume that
>     the car either does not belong to the neigborhood (best case
>     visitor or forgeful homeowner) and write down the plate.  If a
>     crime in the area is committed, you have at least one lead.  With
>     many cars on the street it becomes more labor intensive to do a
>     scope of all the streets and check every single car wihtou a
>     sticker every day. I totally concur with you, the parking ban does
>     not help to deter crime during the day when most people are at work
>     Also, as neighbors, I agree with you, we can tell when there is a
>     new car in the neigborhood.  Which again, requires eyes on the
>     street.  These may not happen when people are not necessarily
>     looking (at work or at night)  If it wasn't for my neighbor who
>     feeds her baby at 4 am, we would have no lead whatsoever on the
>     recent break ins.
>     As a recent victim of one of these crimes, I am oversensitive to
>     cars (especially unfamiliar ones) on my street.
>     Conclusion, removing the parking ban has its pros and cons.  More
>     effective policing at night is one of the cons.  We, as neighbors,
>     decide the weigh in the pros and cons and request a solution (re:
>     parking ban) on each block.  After all, we are in a democratic
>     society.
>     Francisco J. Lovera

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