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gonna be a bumper crop of frogs croaking this summer!

On Fri, Jul 10, 2015 at 11:32 AM, Greg Gerritt <gerritt at mindspring.com>

> If you have never seen 100,000 tadpoles all at once, this weekend is your
> big chance.  With the rains the waterlevel in the drainage swale has risen
> to the point where a small swath of tmowed grass is under water.  Tadpoles
> love this environment, shallow water with lots of food, and swim aboiut
> continiously in very large numbers.  The water will recede over the next
> few days back to where it is hard to see the tadpoles.  If you  would like
> a tour, contact me.  Or go on your own.  Bright sun in the daytime is
> best.  I am around today, Saturday morning, and Sunday late in the day.
> You can drive to the pond in the NBG taking the far left fork from the
> entrance and going about 200 yards towards the maintenance building.  The
> pond is just before the maintenance building.  Gates are open for cars 8 to
> 4.  You can walk in any time.
> http://youtu.be/N_K4Y7fLo2s       This gives just a tiny flavor of the
> spectacle.  greg
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