[Summit] Political stuff: ballot questions

Kate Sanders katesndrs at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 23 11:37:56 CDT 2016

Thanks to Aaron and all who have added to this discussion!
One more point: I am struggling with Question 4 (higher education). On the one hand, I am a huge fan of CCRI, RIC, and URI, and the $25.5 million for the engineering building is probably sorely needed.
On the other hand, the Question also authorizes $20 million for a purpose that is so vague that it will be impossible to tell whether the money was properly spent or not: "building an innovation campus that supports cutting-edge research into products, services and businesses that will build Rhode Island’s economy."
This is essentially giving a blank check for $20 million to do anything as long as it's arguably intended to build the economy, and justifying it by including the word "innovation". Which is uncomfortably similar to the arguments for 38Studios (minus the baseball glamor).
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