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Art Norwalk art at norwalkcom.com
Tue Aug 5 08:27:22 CDT 2014

Dog owners sign on for the responsibility of dealing with dog waste. 
When many dog owners use public waste bins in the park, the 
concentrated poop creates a public nuisance that impinges on other 
people's enjoyment of the park. Comparing this with birds, skunks, 
squirrels, etc., is specious.

Putting "your" dog's poop in my trash bin is merely rude.

At 12:08 AM 8/5/2014, Wendy Ismaili wrote:

>It seems a bit crazy to carry a bag of poop for the length of a walk 
>with your dog, which for me might be 30 to 60 minutes.  I'd also 
>rather have two hands available. I try to be near the park so I'll 
>have a place to dispose of my dog poop.  It's also crazy that 
>there's not one trash can the entire length of the Blackstone path 
>or park or whatever you call it.
>The truth is that we live in a world of poop and pee - dogs, cats, 
>birds, squirrels, skunks, bugs (?) and whatever other creatures go 
>about their business all around us.  Read the Science Times - dirt 
>is good for us and you know what's in it!  The kids at the Tot Lot 
>know what's what.
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>On Aug 4, 2014, at 11:40 PM, amanda lucas 
><<mailto:sanad13 at verizon.net>sanad13 at verizon.net> wrote:
>>I am surprised that public trash receptacles in public spaces where 
>>all citizens are welcome and encouraged to spend time should be 
>>considered off limits for certain types of waste. Are there other 
>>things we should pack out with us when leaving the park or walking 
>>on city streets? I searched for some policy instructing me about 
>>this etiquette but found only the following from the DEM
>>They advise disposing of dog waste in the nearest trash receptacle. 
>>It does mention that there are specific types of canisters one can 
>>have installed in the park for dog waste. perhaps that would be a solution.
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>>On Aug 4, 2014, at 10:28 PM, Art Norwalk 
>><<mailto:art at norwalkcom.com>art at norwalkcom.com> wrote:
>>>Public trash receptacles are not intended to be used for the 
>>>leavings of privately owned dogs. Nor should dog owners "borrow" 
>>>space in the trash bins of other residents.
>>>The polite process is to pick up your dog's poop in your plastic 
>>>baggie, take it home and put it in your trash bin.
>>>At 06:52 PM 8/4/2014, Wendy Ismaili wrote:
>>>>Haven't lived here very long but I wonder if anyone else finds it 
>>>>unusual not to have any public trash receptacles except in the 
>>>>park.  It does make life with a dog more challenging.
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>>>> > On Aug 4, 2014, at 5:47 PM, 
>>>> <<mailto:e2shatter2 at cox.net>e2shatter2 at cox.net> wrote:
>>>> >
>>>> > I hope that this doesn't include anyone on this list but 
>>>> please throw out your dog waste plastic baga in your own garbage 
>>>> cans, not other people's. This is the second time I have had 
>>>> these "presents" when I bring in the garbage after the Monday pickup.
>>>> >   Thank you for your sooperation.    Ellen Shatter
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