[Summit] #49 bus elimination; also RIPTA to Logan Airport

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Sun Aug 24 17:14:24 CDT 2014

If there's someone who wants to speak out for this route, I'd be happy to hear it, but otherwise, this seems like a reasonable place for RIPTA to cut. The Hope Street and North Main street parts of the route are well served by other buses, and the stop at Miriam is a short, easy walk to the stop at Hope and Sixth.  I took the 49 last spring, and was the only person on the bus for the last third of the route or so. This is just one datapoint, but I understand that RIPTA's data also indicate low ridership. 

One other big change that RIPTA has made affects Summit in a positive way: it is now possible to take the Route 1 (formerly 42) bus to South Attleboro, from there to the train, then to the Silver Line, and finally to Logan Airport. I tried this on the way home last week, and it was great -- definitely an improvement over the various public transit options we've tried before:  (1) taking Peter Pan and walking home from the bus station; (2) taking Peter Pan and taking a cab home; (3) taking Peter Pan to KP and taking the 42 home; or (4) taking the train to downtown Providence, dragging your suitcase to the 42 bus stop, and taking the 42 home. It was cheaper and more comfortable than any of the Peter Pan options; and more convenient (and probably quicker) than taking the train to downtown Providence, walking to the 42, and taking the 42 back to Summit.

Some tips: 
1) There's no station or even a sign for the RIPTA stop when you get off the train at South Attleboro. The road directly in front of you makes a "C" around a parking lot; if you cut straight across the parking lot, you get to the part of the road where the RIPTA stop is (across from a gas station), and there is finally a sign.
2) There are at least two RIPTA bus lines that go there now, so make sure you get the Route 1. 
3) The 42 (Route 1) only goes to South Attleboro every 40 minutes or so, so check the schedule to make sure it works for you. 




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Dear Neighbors,

RIPTA is proposing to eliminate the #49 bus<http://www.ripta.com/ripta-to-hold-public-hearings-on-proposed-elmination-of-route-49--camp-street-miriam-hospital->,  which runs from downtown up Hope, Camp, and N. Main to Miriam Hospital. The decision will be made next month.  We discussed this at the SNA Board meeting last night and are trying to get a sense of how much this would affect Summit neighbors, and whether we should take a position on it.  If you use this bus, would you please let us know how its elimination would affect you?  Off-list replies to this email address are fine.

Tom Schmeling, SNA Secretary.
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