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If that is the "subdivion" behind the ball field? one of the neighborhood
egg throwing trouble makers lives there, or at least did, last year and for
several years before that.
I know because after being egged I followed that car load of young men into
there, and the car disappeared- no doubt into a closed garage.  It did NOT
come out the other road, because the lady I was walking with was still out
on Cole watching for that. to get the license.

After years of causing egging trouble during the summer & on school
vacation breaks,  they have "graduated" to B&E?

Mrs B

On Mon, Aug 25, 2014 at 8:24 AM, Francisco <pacolovera at hotmail.com> wrote:

> how do we get this information to the police department?
> Francisco J. Lovera
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> I live just off Cole Ave, south of Rochambeau.  A few weeks back, I
> followed a silver car with four young men in it out of my subdivision
> (definitely were up to no good) - license plate RI #973-771 (can't remember
> the make & model) - perhaps this might help someone.
> Best,
> Kevin
> On Mon, Aug 25, 2014 at 7:00 AM, Francisco <pacolovera at hotmail.com> wrote:
> My neighbor reported a silver car in the area the days of the break ins.
> Btw, I just learned that there was another break in two houses down last
> week too.
> We need to keep our eyes open.
> Francisco Lovera
> > On Aug 24, 2014, at 20:17, "Christine Eisenhower" <
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> >
> > In regards to the break-in reports...I noticed a car waiting at the end
> of my driveway on Thursday evening (7:20 pm).  It was a silver four-door
> car with tinted windows and bright headlights (sort of a blue/purple).
> Can't remember if it was Mass or RI plates.  The passenger side window was
> rolled down, so I could see the arm of a guy who looked tan and wearing a
> black tank.  I was leaving for something at 7:30 pm that I usually go to on
> Thursdays, and didn't know if they were expecting me to leave.  I ended up
> leaving out a back door and the other end of the driveway.  When I
> approached the stop sign where they could see me, they started to slowly
> pull away from the curb, followed me briefly, and then left.  Didn't know
> if anyone saw a similar car in relation to these break-in reports.
> >--
> Kevin Fox, ABR
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