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783 Hope Street

783 Hope Street

Hope Street is a pedestrian-oriented urban main street. It is an essential contributor to our neighborhood's character and appeal. The walkable nature of the street and the unique, mom and pop businesses located there help to make Summit Neighborhood such a great place to live.
The lot in context

783 Hope Street was recently sold, and the old gas station building was torn down. The developer intends to build retail and office space on the site. However, the developer plans to build at the back of the lot, with the maximum setback permitted by zoning, and locate a parking lot in front.

This "suburban strip mall" style development is wholly out of character with the rest of the street. There are no zoning regulations to prevent this.

SNA has written the developer to ask that he reconsider his plans, and move the building to the front of the lot. We have also contacted the City, and local representatives, in search of ways to encourage him.

We await a response, but stay tuned to this page for more information and ways you may be able to help.

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