[Summit] Economics of success in Providence and therefore, Hope.

Jim Kelley jim-kelley2 at cox.net
Sat Jan 23 19:36:41 CST 2016

Bob, you have been mired in RI failure mentality too long. Hard to see here but the USA and the world is actually thriving. Peak oil is a losing fantasy.

 Have you personally visited the thriving economies in the Midwest and the West as I have in the past year? No one wants to recognize, admit or do anything about it but the problem here in RI is provincialism strengthened by a raid-the-treasury self-interest and a remainder of uninvolved people. I think the largest group are people who want to do the right thing (particularly here in Summit) but are frustrated by a lack of a viable mission/vehicle (candidate).

Good health and happiness,
  Jim Kelley

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