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Election Forum 2002

The General Assembly candidates.
On October 29th, the SNA hosted Election Forum 2002. A tradition for more than a decade, the election forum brought together candidates for Providence Mayor, State Senate District 1 and State Representative District 4 for a debate. The candidates addressed questions submitted before the start of the event by the SNA and the audience.

State Senate candidates Rhoda Perry, the incumbant, and her opponent Leo Trevino joined State Representative incumbant Gordon Fox, his Republican challenger Charles Smith and Libertarian candidate Jonathon Wiening. Together the five answered questions about the PILOT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) program, support for Channel 36, balancing the state budget, RIte Care and the Bond Issues.

The candidates for Providence Mayor.
The four candidates for Providence Mayor then took the stage. Greg Gerritt, David Cicilline, David Talon and Christopher Young fielded questions on the City's education system, Miriam Hospital and the institutional zone, and city finances.

The second hour focused on the 5 ballot issues. Speaking in favor of Ballot Issue 1, State Police Headquarters Facility and State Municipal Fire Academy Bonds, $55,000,000, was Craig Bosoley, President of the Fire Training Academy and Deputy State Fire Marshall Mike DeMasco. Captain Garry Terrell and Inspector Brandon Doherty spoke in favor of the Police Headquarters.

The ballot issues get a hearing.
Al Klyberg, Director of Museum & Program, spoke on behalf of the Heritage Harbor Museum, which is seeking funding through Ballot Issue 2, Preservation, Recreation and Heritage Bonds, $14,000,000. Speaking for the Parks Department in support of the Roger Williams Park Botanical Garden component of the same Bond issue was Bob MacMahon, who is also a Summit resident. Another Summit neighbor, Ted Sanderson of the RI Historic Preservation and Heritage Commission, spoke in support of the preservation component of the Bond issue.

Bond Issue 3, Transportation Bonds, $63,500,000, was supported by Janice Loiselle of the state Department of Transportation (and also a Summit area resident). RIPTA was represented, too.

Barry Schiller, Transportation Committee Chair of the Rhode Island Chapter of the Sierra Club, spoke in opposition to the Transportation Bond question, providing the evening's first cautionary note about the state's level of indebtedness.

Summit neighbors head home.
John Riando and Michael Walker represented the RI Economic Development Commission and spoke in support of Bond Issue 4, Quonset Point/Davisville Bonds, $11,000,000.

Ballot Issue 5, Question Proposed by the Governor, Co-Equal Branches of Government, was defended by a representative from the Governor's Office. Senator John Rooney spoke against the issue.

Efforts by the SNA to get a speaker from the Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council (RIPEC) to address the State's fiscal policies were unsuccessful. RIPEC has been critical of the amount of borrowing Rhode Island does. SNA board member Grant Dulgarian spoke briefly at the end of the evening about some of RIPEC's positions and mentioned a study they recently released.

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