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Annual Meeting - Wednesday, February 11th, 2004

The SNA's Annual Meeting was held the evening of Wednesday, February 11th, at Hillside Health Center, 99 Hillside Avenue.
Signing the Right Size Statement

Press Conference

The evening began with a press conference at which Senator Rhoda Perry, Representative Gordon Fox and Councilman Kevin Jackson signed SNA's Right Size Statement. The statement calls on Miriam, the city, and Summit residents to work together to determine the "right size" for Miriam's Summit Avenue complex, and to establish binding limits to the hospital's growth.

Welcome and Summary of Activities

SNA president John Bazik summarized the year's issues and activities.
  • SNA published three newsletters, which were hand-delivered to over 4500 households.
  • Our annual Yard Sale once again broke all our previous fundraising records.
  • We continued to monitor our Traffic Calming Project, which should finally break ground this Spring.
  • We also continued to track the DOT's North Main Street paving and landscaping project.
  • We opposed zoning variance requests for signs on Hope Street:
    • We convinced CVS to withdraw its request for an "animated" message board sign.
    • We reached a compromise with a doctor who wished to practice out of his residence on Hope Street (the variance was granted with a "sunset" clause).
    • A variance was granted, despite opposition, for the First Community Baptist Church to enlarge its sign, but Reverand Bala agreed put up a smaller sign than variance allows.
  • When Cumberland Farms approached us for comment on improvements they were planning for their Hope Street store, we offered a series of recommendations for landscaping, improved traffic flow and parking which they incorporated into their plan.
  • The Mayor's Neighborhood Council, one of Mayor Cicilline's policy councils, was formed last year, and SNA has a seat on the council, representing our neighborhood's interests.
Miriam subcommittee chair Jon Howard then recapped the association's activities in opposition to Miriam Hospital's plan to expand their facility in the heart of our neighborhood.

SNA Business

A new slate of board members was elected.

Guest Speakers

Fox, Perry and Jackson speak
Representative Gordon Fox
Senator Rhoda Perry
Councilman Kevin Jackson

Majority Leader Fox, Senator Perry and Councilman Jackson each gave a brief statement to introduce themselves. It was noted that our long-serving representatives have been in office, respectively, 12, 14 and 10 years!

During an hour-long question and answer period, a number of topics were addressed.

  • Traffic problems at North Main Street and Chace Avenue, Cypress and North Main, and along Hillside Avenue.
  • The Providence Center has been a cause for concern for nearby neighbors due to parking problems, rude staff and threatening patients.
  • Deliveries and garbage pickup at CVS on Hope Street in the overnight and early morning hours disturb neighbors.
  • Prospects for and plans to revitalize the North Main Street business district were discussed.
  • The Institutional Zone has yet to be revised and the Miriam is pressing forward with plans to rebuild.
Lieutenant Zeigelmayer answers questions
Lieutenant Alan Ziegelmayer
Patrolman George Chaffee

Lieutenant Ziegelmayer is in charge of District 8, which encompasses the Mount Hope, Summit and Blackstone neighborhoods. He described recent police initiatives in the neighborhood, including the close monitoring of Club Jade on North Main Street, and a raid on North Main Street Spa, which has previously been cited for prostitution.

Local efforts to have illegal immigrant workers at the Spa deported drew some fire from residents who felt the police had overstepped their bounds.

The officers agreed that under Chief Esserman, the Providence Police Department is much improved, and a much nicer place to work.

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