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The Camera Werks

I was pleasantly surprised when I stopped into one of our local establishments called Camera Werks. I was immediately greeted by the owner, Patricia Zacks. She told me that the business started about 23 years ago, and has gone through growing pains, and constant changes to keep up with the ever-changing field of photography.

Pat, who is both owner and operator, prides her success on the friendly service she provides to her patrons. She refers to this as "a special comfort level."

"How does someone start such a business?" I asked. Her reply was with with a lot of interest and desire to be in the world of photography. Also to share her skills with her patrons. Having good people skills, and the willingness to go that extra mile, makes Camera Werks stand out.

Started in Wholesale

The business originally started as a wholesale camera business in her home, when she was residing in nearby South Attleboro. Because of her love of photography and art, the business evolved into a full service establishment right here in our neighborhood, or as Pat puts it "we are a little shop, but BIG on service." Hope Street was chosen because of its diversity of professionals, families, and students, and also it was a good fit among the other establishments.

For our friends in nearby Pawtucket, Pat runs a photo contest each year. The winners get to have their photos published in their community calendar.

Reaching Out

Giving talks and networking is yet another side of Pat. She goes into some of our public schools and holds forums on photography. Pat also has networked with some of our local photographers such as Richard Benjamin, Paul Darling, Bob Thayre, Aaron Usher, and others.

Next time you find yourself walking down Hope Street and spot Camera Werks, stop in. You will be amazed that a small store has so much to discover.

The Camera Werks
766 Hope Street
Tel. 273-LENS (273-5367)
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