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Edward Jones

Looking for an investment representative? EdwardJones is right in our neighborhood. The person you want to visit with your investment or insurance questions is a gentleman by the name of Rick Harkins, an investment rep for Edward Jones. Rick is both a businessman and a resident here on the East Side - in the Summit Neighborhood.

Rick got started in his career after extensive research, when he was a student at Brown University. The fit was right for Rick whose interest was in both finance, and serving the community, were he decided to locate.

Rick Harkins, Neighbor

In speaking with Rick about what is different about his business, he replied that he is here to serve the people in the community, and also in the neighborhood, which is unlike many financial institutions that are in one central location.

An extensive background and licensing was necessary for him to qualify to become a registered broker, both with his organization, as well as mandated by the state. He received an additional license from the state as a broker for health and life insurance. His education is ongoing, and he is re-tested on a yearly basis. As a graduate of Brown University, Rick trained in a special program known as AAMS for certification.

Rick is also a family man, and is community oriented He is involved with a Little League Team, a T-Ball Team, and a basketball league for our youth. He is also involved with the Hope Street Merchants Association, and SNA.

Next time you have a question about investments or insurance, make an appointment to visit Rick at his office. He will be happy to help you.

Rick Harkins, AAMS
Edward Jones
257 Rochambeau Avenue
Tel. 751-4599
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