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Fountain Apothecary Spa

East Side meets the West Coast at this upscale establishment.

Inspired by his sister, Rob Rotondo has become manager of this very sheik establishment/salon featuring a exclusive skin care, bath and body, and men's grooming lines that have been researched and brought to the Summit neighborhood. In addition, a full line of services such as therapeutic massage, facials, waxing, manicures and pedicures are also offered.

Rob is a graduate of Syracuse University, with a background in marketing. He has also had special training in skin care, and the experience to be able to recommend certain products. His other interests are writing and music.

The East Side and Hope Street are an ideal location for this spa, due to its size and clientele. "The visibility of my establishment is keen," says Rob. People are surprised to find such high end products made so accessible, he added.

Among the products offered are an exclusive skin care line from Paris and Bath and Body products from London. For men the brands available include Zirch and Art of Shaving.

Both the quality of products and services are a step outside the norm...and now they are in our neighborhood. Rob and his highly trained staff at Fountain Apothecary invites you to come in and pamper yourself, like a Hollywood celebrity. Learn more through a personalized consultation.

FOUNTAIN 756 Hope Street Providence.RI 02906 (401) 421-2100 also opening in Spring 2006 400 Thames Street Newport,RI

Fountain Apothecary Spa
756 Hope Street
Tel. 421-2100

opening in Spring 2006
400 Thames Street
Newport, RI
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